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How do I become a Lanart wholesale customer?

To become a wholesale customer, please follow these directions:

  1. Click on the “Register” link in the header toolbar, or here
  2. In the register section, in what type of customer are you, select: wholesale
  3. Enter your company name and Resale number / Tax ID Number
  4. Finish the rest of the registration form
  5. Wait until you get a call back or email that validates you as a wholesale customer
  6. Click on the “Login” link in the header toolbar or here and enter your login information
  7. You will be then login as a wholesale customer and see our wholesale prices

What are the different types of Alpacas?

There are two types of Alpacas: Huacaya (which produce a dense, soft, crimpy sheep-like fiber), and the mop-like Suri (with silky pencil-like locks, resembling dread-locks but not actually matted fibers). Suris are prized for their longer and silkier fibers, and estimated to make up between 19-20% of the Alpaca population. Since its import into the United States, the number of Suri alpacas has grown substantially and become more color diverse. The Suri is thought to be rarer, possibly because it is less hardy in the harsh South American mountain climates, as its fleece offers less insulation against the cold.

What is special about Alpaca fiber?

The Fiber Alpaca fleece is a light-weight, lustrous and silky natural fiber. While similar to sheep’s wool in that it is a natural fiber, it is warmer, not prickly, and bears no lanolin which makes it hypoallergenic. It is also soft and luxurious. In physical structure, alpaca fiber is somewhat akin to hair, being very glossy, but its softness and fineness enable the spinner to produce satisfactory yarn with comparative ease. It is hollow as well, which makes it a good insulator. The preparing, carding, spinning, weaving and finishing process of alpaca is very similar to the process used for wool.

What are Alpacas?

The Alpaca (Vicugna pacos) is a domesticated species of South American camelid. It resembles a small llama in superficial appearance. Alpacas are kept in herds that graze on the level heights of the Andes of Ecuador, southern Peru, northern Bolivia, and northern Chile at an altitude of 3500 to 5000 meters above sea-level, throughout the year.[citation needed] Alpacas are considerably smaller than llamas, and unlike llamas, alpacas are not used as beasts of burden but are valued only for their fiber. Alpaca fiber is used for making knitted and woven items, much as sheep’s wool is. These items include blankets, sweaters, hats, gloves, scarves, a wide variety of textiles and ponchos in South America, and sweaters, socks, coats and bedding in other parts of the world. The fiber comes in more than 52 natural colors as classified in Peru, 12 as classified in Australia and 16 as classified in the United States. Alpacas and llamas differ in that alpacas have straight ears and llamas have banana-shaped ears. Aside from these differences, llamas are on average 1-2 feet taller and proportionally bigger than alpacas.

I have a great idea for a new Alpaca item. Can Lanart make a sample for me?

Yes. We are happy to do custom work. We require a minimum order of 2 size runs or a dozen pieces. In addition, we need a sample of the item you would like made in Alpaca. Finally, we require partial payment prior to commencing the project.

Can't log in? Forgot password?

If you have forgotten your password:

  1. Please go to I forgot my password page
  2. Enter your email, your secret question and its answer
  3. Check your email for the new password
  4. Login with the new password
  5. Feel free to change it through your account administration

How do I see the wholesale price list?

If you have already a account as a wholesale customer on Lanart, just login and you will see and buy at our wholesale prices.
If you do not have yet an account as a wholesale customer, follow the How do I become a Lanart wholesale customer? procedure.

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