Bird: Bluebird Felted Alpaca Sculpture


Pretty Bluebird crafted in alpaca fiber.

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Our collection of Aves is just a drop in the plentiful bucket of the class with most living species. These tetrapods range in size from the tiny Hummingbird to the massive ostrich and are the last descendants of the extinct dinosaurs. Characterized by their feathers, toothless beaks, and egg laying young, we try to capture these spectacular creatures in alpaca fiber. Our expert needle felters have years of expertise in this craft, and continue create each with artistic pride. Due to the hand crafting process, each piece is unique with slight variations.

~ Artistically handcrafted
~ Alpaca fiber is needle pressed
~ Created by our Grupo de Madres
~ Finished with a loop for hanging
~ Fair Trade from Peru

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Weight1.1 oz
Dimensions5 × 2 × 5 in


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